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The Importance of Core Values

17 May 2024

This is Blog #2 in my Cohesion Culture™ Talent Retention Model newsletter series. If you haven't already done so, click here to check out the first in the series titled "Employee Retention Model... Runway Ready and More".

As a quick reminder, the Talent Retention Model illustrates the necessary elements for fostering a culture rich in cohesion, where individuals experience a sense of belonging, recognize the significance of their contributions, and engage in collaborative opportunities together.


01 May 2024

Recently, I had the privilege to speak at the America's Credit Unions HROD Conference on how to Retain Employees through Cohesion.

One of the key takeaways in addition to the ever popular Cohesion Wave was a quick review of the Cohesion Culture™ Talent Retention Model.

Engagement is Out. Cohesion is In.

17 April 2024

In current management circles, the term "engagement" is often misused. Many believe that simply focusing on employee engagement will solve issues related to employee retention. However, this misguided approach can actually have the opposite effect.

In this week's Cohesion Corner™ with Dr. Troy! blog post, I will delve into the misconception surrounding employee engagement and propose a more effective alternative.

Align Dreams with Company Goals, Don't Steal Them

03 April 2024

Today, I would like to share a story about Charlotte that I first shared in Cohesion Culture™: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent. The focus of the story is on utilizing transformative leadership to get the best out of your people. Transformative leaders aren't dream stealers. They are dream aligners.

While transactional leadership is needed in specific situations, transformative leadership is essential to leading the process of infusing cohesion into the culture. A culture of cohesion exists when people say, “I love where I work (belonging), I feel the company wants and needs me (value), and I am willing to do what’s needed to get the job done (commitment) because it is best for me and the company.”


20 March 2024
"Culture is more than just building products and not getting yelled at."

Jason Aten, Tech Columnist for Inc. Magazine, recently wrote about the main issue within Google's culture. His headline catching article is subtitled: "There's nothing more important than culture."

Without even realizing it, the writer is building a strong case for the importance of infusing cohesion into a work culture. Cohesion positively impacts performance and engagement every time. It is a causal phenomenon and a proven method of predicting behavior.

Culture is broken when people do not feel connected to what they are doing, or with whom they are working.

Data isn't just numbers; it's the secret weapon your competitors are already using.

06 March 2024

Data reigns supreme in today's very much online business world. The strategic utilization of information is not an advantage, it's a prerequisite for sustained competitiveness.

Michelle Kimbro, the Efficiency Expert, has over a decade of experience in operational efficiency and she's written a special guest article for our blog.

Check out this week's newsletter to discover:

  • A comprehensive exploration of how businesses can leverage data to streamline processes, reduce waste, and optimize resource utilization.
  • Real-world examples, such as Apex Insurance Agency's remarkable journey. Through this case study, readers will gain actionable insights into how data-driven strategies led to a 45% improvement in customer satisfaction and a 35% reduction in claim processing times.
  • Practical steps for businesses to leverage data effectively. From investing in the right tools to fostering a data-driven culture, this newsletter outlines actionable strategies for organizations looking to harness the power of data for operational excellence.

Connecting HR and Technology

21 February 2024

How can technology be used to humanize culture?

What role does Artificial Intelligence play in the HR world?

If you have been struggling to answer these questions, you are not alone.

It is not a surprise that technology has changed the landscape of business. From serving as the means to collect and store data to robotics to the ever-emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI), technology dominates the way we interact globally on a digital scale as well as person to person.

In a quick review of the history of technology, today's corporate and societal impact has been undeniably exponential. Researchers present findings to assert that we will not experience 100 years of growth in the 21st century. It will be more like 20,000 years of growth.

How Does Talent F.A.I.R.Play Help Retain Employees?

07 February 2024

Do you offer flexible hours and locations?

Does your team understand their level of autonomy and initiative?

Are your managers making their individual team members feel included?

Have you readied your staff for growth, development, and advancement?

If you answered “no” to one or more of these questions then you aren’t meeting the organizational culture expectations of today’s workforce.

More than likely you may be struggling to keep that talent you spent time and money acquiring and training.

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