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Cohesion Culture™ Course

Transforming Leadership Through A Virtual Experience

It’s time to head to camp! Dr. Troy Hall and Ben-Jamin Toy designed a fully online learning course where participants can pack their virtual backpack and head off to virtual camp. Laying out the course as a camp is a fun way to kick back and experience learning through a relaxed format – and, at your own pace. It is important to understand the emotional connection made between learning and output.

The course aka Cohesion Culture™ Camp: Be a Leader is a 5-module, online Leadership Development Program that guides senior and key leaders, HR professionals, and line supervisors in how to power up their leadership acumen, build organizational talent to stay, and develop a cohesive workplace.  Basically, participants will become better team members and group leaders of a more efficient and unified team.

This do-it-yourself, five-module course contains over 2 hours of instructional video, workbook exercises, a weekly challenge, and a video-instructed activity that can be implemented immediately. The course is self-paced and can be easily completed over a five-week period. However, some participants may want to extend it longer to meet the demands of their existing work schedule and home-life demands.

  • How can you take charge of your own leadership development? 

  • Individuals regardless of title, task, or tenure should be actively developing their leadership skillset and acumen. Oftentimes, employees will sit back and wait on supervisors to develop curriculum. The Cohesion Culture™️ Camp gives employees an opportunity to build leadership skills on their own, at a relaxed pace. The affordability of the course makes it a good value proposition whether funded by the individual or the company.

  • It is important to not let skepticism about the legitimacy of online training programs to hinder one's ability to grow, develop, and advance. Seek out qualified and proven programs to support your development.

  • Dr. Troy and Ben-Jamin used the bestselling title, Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent, as the basis for the camp curriculum to help leaders promote cohesion-infused culture, inspiration, and engagement. In other words, the camp content helps participants build leadership skills to thrive in today's workforce.

The Cohesion Culture book is chock full of leadership advice within 6 easy to read chapters. Chapters 1 and 2 present leadership philosophies, ideals, and proven tenets to build the type of leader who can excel in the area of transformation. Following next are Chapters 3 and 4 that focus on workplace culture. Finally, Chapters 5 and 6 offer insight into the Cohesion Culture™ Talent Retention Model and the types of programs organizations can easily implement to become a "Best Place to Work."

This award-winning work takes the three strategic elements of cohesion: belonging (inclusion), value (meaningful work), and commitment (collaboration) and brings them to life through real-life stories, anecdotes, song lyrics, and showcasing an ultimate example of a cohesive team that follows the yellow brick road. 

  • Explore practical application of the three strategic elements of cohesion: belonging, value, and commitment.
  • Learn the seven attributes of an effective leader.
  • Gain leadership cheat codes that can be easily implemented to achieve success.
  • Challenge the status quo of outdated leadership principles.

No rope courses, trust falls, or death by PowerPoint.

Cohesion Culture™ Camp is not your typical leadership development program. It's an innovative blend of knowledge-based practical leadership principles and interactive, hands-on activities. With over 45 years of combined team-building experience, Dr. Troy Hall and his strategic alliance colleague, Ben-Jamin Toy, have created a program that offers a one-of-a-kind learning journey.

Part of what makes the course different is the activity videos. Participants receive step-by-step instructions on how to complete a leadership exercise. This is one of the best ways to learn. Additionally, the course cannot be completed in one sitting. Meaning the first module opens when you first sign into the course. Module 2 opens 7 days after the start date with Module 3 starting 14 days later and so on.

Delaying the start of the modules was a specific design criterion to provide an online level of accountability, promote a desired timeframe for successful completion, and allow the participant to absorb and apply what they are learning along the way.

Participants gain access to:

  • 5 Modules of Course Materials: In easy to comprehend, bite-sized sections, the Five Modules cover important topics such as the seven effective attributes, transformational vs. transactional leadership and people-focused relationship skills, plus everything needed to prepare you for success in your current role or that next career advancement.
  • Up to 2-hours of Training Videos with Dr. Troy Hall & Ben-Jamin Toy: Each instructional, closed-captioned video provides leadership advice in the form of teachable moments, plus practical ways to apply the learning immediately within the work environment. 
  • Hands-on Activities and Workbook Exercises: Each activity encourages interactive participation through video instruction and supplemental resources. The workbook exercises recap important learning points and create the perfect blend of recall and application.
  • Weekly Challenges: At the end of each module, Weekly Challenges encourage self-discovery, a time of reflection, real-time observation, and practical application of the course work. 
  • PLUS ... these two resources: At no additional charge, your course registration includes access to an e-book (pdf) and an audio version of the bestselling title, Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent.

What makes an online course unique?

What sets Cohesion Culture™ Camp apart from other online courses is that it stands out as a revolutionary online Leadership Development program. This online course offers a unique blend of knowledge-based principles and hands-on activities. Course activities are designed to enhance leadership acumen, foster organizational talent retention, and cultivate a cohesive workplace environment.

Another aspect to the Cohesion Culture™ Camp that sets it apart is the unparalleled expertise brought by Dr. Troy and Ben-Jamin Toy. Their extensive background in team building, leadership development, and organizational culture ensures that participants receive insights grounded in real-world scenarios, making the learning experience not only impactful but also applicable to diverse professional settings.

The program empowers leaders to build a customized Cohesion Culture™ that resonates with their organization's unique values, goals, and challenges. Cohesion Culture™ Camp offers both "Do It Yourself" (DIY) and instructor-led options, ensuring flexibility and accessibility for leaders at various levels of their leadership journey.

The program incorporates interactive and practical activities that go beyond theory, allowing leaders to apply their newfound knowledge in real-world scenarios. Participants not only learn effective leadership attributes but also acquire practical tools and strategies to challenge outdated principles and steer their teams toward success.

But that's not the only thing that makes this course different. Participants are encouraged to:

  • Take the Weekly Challenge. They get an opportunity to try out what they are learning and build upon the skills every week. 
  • Review the online resource called "Backpack" with tips, suggestions, and additional material to support their camp experience.
  • Access the course after completion. The Cohesion Culture™ Camp is forever accessible to participants so long as they maintain the same email address used when first signing onto the course.

BONUS MATERIAL … after taking the course, participants have access to discounted programs and services under the Cohesion Culture™ Program umbrella to include, a Self-Mentoring Video Series, and one-on-one or group coaching. 

THERE IS MORE … organizations can utilize this course to develop employees who want to thrive in a cohesion-infused workspace where people are included, have meaningful work, and collaborate to achieve mutually desired outcomes. This translates to corporate discounts for multiple users of the course.

Cohesion Culture™ Camp redefines leadership development, offering a comprehensive, interactive, and transformative experience that goes beyond conventional programs. With its unique blend of theory, hands-on activities, and expert guidance, this course stands as a beacon for those seeking to elevate their leadership prowess and cultivate cohesive, thriving workplaces.

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