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Belonging. Value. Commitment.

The Cohesion Culture™ Crew understands the pain organizations face to retain talent and provide unique learning and coaching opportunities to grow and develop their teams.

When cohesion is infused into a culture, leaders are creating safe workspaces where people have a:

  • Sense of belonging (being a part of something bigger than themselves).
  • Value in providing and producing meaningful, purposeful work.
  • Commitment in shared outcomes fueled by need and built upon trust.

painpoint71% of all employees are looking for advancement, growth opportunities, and personal development. Employees seek this type of readiness and if they do not find it in the company where they work, they will look for it elsewhere.

The top retention drivers are Flexible work hours and locations, Autonomy, Inclusion, and Readiness. This is what Dr. Troy refers to as F.A.I.R. PLAY. Leaders must consider how to meet these needs to steady employee retention. If organizations do not offer these types of benefits, they will find it more challenging to recruit and retain employees.

It's expensive to replace people. According to the Society of Human Resource Management, employers may pay up to 150% of a person's salary who leaves the organization just to replace them. Without cohesion, organizations spend over $7 billion annually on a global scale.

fixFor C-Suite Executives, Visionary Founders, and Senior HR Leaders, the key pivot is to focus on cultivating an organizational culture that beckons employees to stay. Dr. Troy Hall specializes in helping organizations create an authentic "Best Places to Work" environment—a workplace where your top talent wants to be and chooses to stay.

Our Cohesion Culture™️ programs provide culture, gamification, and strategy consulting, professional coaching, and leadership development initiatives and offerings that guide leaders on a journey to create a comprehensive culture wellness plan for their organizations.

Cohesion Culture™ COURSE

A fully remote online learning experience designed for leaders at all levels to develop, grow, and advance.

Cohesion Culture™ 4 C's

An executive and key leader interactive session that sharpens communication, collaboration, conflict resolution, and creative thinking skill sets.

Cohesion Culture™ CORE

A dynamic experience in Communicating Open-minded Real-time Engagement between peers, colleagues, and teammates. 

Invest in people and watch them grow.

Employee growth and development have become pivotal factors in retaining talent and creating workplaces where individuals thrive. Leaders who recognize and invest in their employees' development play a critical role in nurturing a sense of belonging, value, and mutual commitment within their organizations.

More than two-thirds of employees want to be prepared and considered for the next growth opportunity. Not every employee is looking to be the next CEO. Instead, it’s important for them to learn and grow in meaningful and purposeful work.

When we invest in our people, we are making an investment in the long-term success of others AND the company. Why? Because keeping exceptional employees is not only more cost-efficient but also critical for sustained organizational success.

It’s important for organizations to understand the expectations of their workforce. Dr. Troy calls these expectations “The Entrepreneurial Spirit.” The workforce of today:

  • Wants to be more selective of their working environment.
  • Expects to have a voice in providing ideas and suggestions to improve service and desired corporate outcomes.
  • Desires flexible work hours.
  • Seeks growth, development, and advancement opportunities.
  • Understands the level of autonomy and initiative required to get the job done.

As Dr. Troy likes to say, “It’s not your grandpa’s workforce anymore!”

Make culture a strategy and it will find something else to eat.

Take the Culture Quiz and see how well an organization infuses cohesion into their culture.

The Link Between Training, Development, and Talent Retention

Leaders who prioritize organizational culture create an environment where employees not only perform at their best but also genuinely love where they work. Research results have stated 87% of individuals who love their workplace are more likely to remain dedicated and committed to their organizations. This powerful connection between leadership investment, employee fulfillment, and organizational loyalty underscores the significance of Training, Development, and Culture programs.

Dr. Troy Hall recognizes the profound impact of effective Training and Development on organizational culture and employee satisfaction. That’s why he and his strategic alliance colleague, Ben-Jamin Toy co-created the following programs: Cohesion Culture™ Course, Cohesion Culture™ 4 C’s, and Cohesion Culture™ CORE.

When cohesion is present, employees feel a sense of belonging that translates to being included, are valued because what they do is meaningful, and share in mutual commitments through a collaborative mindset.

Discover a wealth of actionable strategies that yield immediate results and enhance your organization's retention capabilities. It's not just about attracting the best; it's about retaining and nurturing them for long-term success.

Our learning programs are not like any you may have experienced from others. There are no rope courses, trust falls, or death by PowerPoint. Concepts and materials are designed to support in-person, remote, and hybrid teams.

Experience today. Implement tomorrow

Unlock the Competitive Advantage of Talent Retention

In today’s war for talent, the focus should be on retention, not just talent attraction.C-Suite Executives, Chief Culture Officers, and HR Professionals need to develop an organizational culture where employees want to belong.

Talent Retention offers organizations a powerful competitive advantage. Cohesion Culture™ is your pathway to gaining and maintaining that advantage.

Irrespective of your organization's structure or how your teams collaborate, Cohesion Culture™ is your compass to foster team connectivity and employee dedication. It's your gateway to nurturing enduring, professional relationships that stand the test of time.

Delve into the world of Cohesion Culture™ and gain insights into the foundational principles of talent retention. Here's what you'll explore:

  • The #1 Misstep in Talent Retention: Learn about the most common pitfall that leaders encounter when it comes to retaining talent and how Cohesion Culture™ offers a solution.
  • Harnessing Cohesion Culture™ for Talent Retention: Discover how Cohesion Culture™ acts as a catalyst in retaining top-tier talent and elevating your organization.
  • Embracing the Acclaimed Talent Retention Model™: Explore the renowned Talent Retention Model™ and how it can revolutionize your approach to talent retention.
  • Steps Toward Becoming a "Best Place to Work": Uncover the steps that lead your organization toward achieving the coveted title of a "Best Place to Work," a designation that signifies an exceptional workplace environment.

Start Your Cohesion Culture™ Journey

cohesion culture 4csAre you ready to unlock the full potential of your organization through Training & Development that aligns with the principles of Cohesion Culture™? Whether you're interested in Cohesion Culture™ Camp, a leadership workshop, or a team-building program, Dr. Troy Hall is here to help you get started on this transformative journey.

Dr. Troy Hall has formed a strategic alliance with Ben-Jamin Toy. He is the founder of On Purpose Adventures, a driving force in purposeful, unconventional, and effective team building for over a decade, and co-founder of Cohesion Culture™. A sought-after facilitator, consultant, and speaker, Ben-Jamin continues to focus his heart, soul and substantial knowledge of culture wellness into each learning experience, promising a fun and engaging encounter with tangible results.

Dr. Troy and Ben-Jamin Toy are your trusted guides through the proven process of retaining top talent and understanding its profound impact on your company culture and bottom line. You'll unlock the secrets to creating an extraordinary work environment that fuels employee motivation and satisfaction, effectively reducing turnover and performance-related challenges.

It's time to move beyond "good enough" and embark on a journey to cultivate an environment that inspires a profound sense of belonging, value, and unwavering commitment.

Contact Dr. Troy today to explore how Cohesion Culture™ training & development can empower your leaders, elevate your organization’s culture, and create a workspace where every employee feels a sense of belonging, has value and shares in mutual commitments.

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