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Retaining your key talent is a daily battle.



of employees are ACTIVELY searching for a new position


is the cost of a team member's salary to replace them


of engaged talent are less likely to leave your organization


How are you focusing on retaining talent?

Dr. Troy travels the globe transforming organizations from the inside-out. His interactive keynotes are high impact and empower audiences to take the action necessary to create a culture that guarantees success.

As an international speaker, Dr. Troy has presented his keynote and motivational messages to audiences throughout the U.S., Asia, Europe, and Africa. His most sought-after talks are:

Talk #1: Workplace Cohesion

Talent retention, not acquisition, is the single greatest challenge for business leaders in this globally competitive landscape.

Leaders know now that engagement just simply is not enough. Why?

Because an organization spends 25% of annual salary to replace the organizational intelligence departing employee take with them.

In this high-powered and eye-opening general session, Dr. Troy walks through his proven Cohesion Culture™ framework that positively impacts company culture and its bottom line to retain your talent. Organizations that want cohesion must build a culture of belonging, value and mutual commitments.

Participants of this session have the option to receive a copy of Dr. Troy's best-selling title, Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent.

Key takeaways participants will:

  1. Learn how the 3 strategic elements of cohesion (belonging, value, and commitment) impact the work culture and lead to retaining talent.
  2. Gain access to Culture Cheat Codes that will can power up their teams.
  3. Unleash the Cohesion Phenomenon and positively impact performance and engagement the next day.

Participants receive access to download the Electronic and Audio versions of Dr. Troy's bestselling title: "Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent."

Talk # 2: Grit, Grind, and Generosity of Selfless Leaders: Lessons Learned from 3 Men, 2 Moms, and a Boy

Today’s leaders must model the type of behavior that focuses on others first then self. They need to inspire others, challenge the status quo, and enable others to achieve goals, dreams, and aspirations. Transformational leadership principles are the building blocks for developing cultures of cohesion where people find:

  • Their ideas and opinions needed and wanted.
  • Complete work that has purpose and meaning.
  • Share in achieving desired outcomes through collaborative teamwork opportunities.

Join Dr. Troy as he shares the powerful lessons of transformational leadership through the lens of six selfless leaders. By facing adversity with grit, grind, and generosity, three men, two moms, and a boy made life-changing choices that impacted the lives of those they served. Their acts of selflessness focused on community, impacted personal and corporate decision-making, and altered the course of hatred moving it towards a mindset of love.

Participants will be inspired by these stories and learn:

  1. Why transformational leadership principles build selfless leaders.
  2. Which leadership attributes align with a culture of cohesion.
  3. How to apply grit, grind, and generosity to help others achieve success.

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