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Powering Up Your Culture, Leadership, and Strategic Planning

Consulting Services

With over 80 years of practical business experience, Dr. Troy and his team assists CEOs, founders, and executive leaders in the areas of culture integration, leadership development, and change management.

Strategic Planning Process & Facilitation

Develop a comprehensive plan to organize strategies, develop balanced goals, assess marketing and branding awareness, and map strategic scenarios.

Leadership Coaching

If you are ready to take your leadership to the next level, the Accountability Coaching for Transformation (ACT) challenges you to achieve your personal, desired leadership outcomes.

Leader Action Plan

Focus on specific behaviors identified through a proven and qualified assessment survey. Each plan is built to specific goals for each individual leader.

Cohesion Culture™

When leaders infuse cohesion into their work culture, they achieve a level of performance that positively impacts productivity and creativity. Individuals feel included, purposeful, and eager to offer suggestions.


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