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Coaching Leaders for Employee Retention

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Dr. Troy Hall specializes in coaching organizations to infuse cohesion into their culture where every employee has the opportunity to feel a sense of belonging, is valued, and shares in mutual commitments. Dr. Troy’s approach is based on his doctoral research in Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship and his dissertation in group dynamics with an emphasis on cohesion. This provides the foundation for his method of creating a cohesive, high performing team within any organization in any industry.

It’s not your grandpa’s workforce anymore.

In today's rapidly evolving professional landscape, it's abundantly clear that what worked in years past simply doesn't cut it anymore.The modern workforce has undergone a profound transformation, and the expectations of employees have shifted dramatically. No longer content with just a job, today's employees seek more from their organizations, particularly in terms of the organizational culture they nurture.

To thrive in this new era of work, organizations must adapt to these shifting expectations. They need to prioritize building inclusive cultures that celebrate diversity, invest in building strong relationships among employees, offer robust career development opportunities, align their missions with broader societal goals, and demonstrate their unwavering commitment to retain their employees. But companies need not do this alone.

How can leaders create lasting change to their organizational cultures?

As a renowned culture strategist and leadership coach, Dr. Troy knows consulting engagements are not one-size-fits-all. Dr. Troy understands that each organization has its distinct challenges, goals, and aspirations. That's why every field engagement is customized to align with specific desired outcomes. Whether a monthly retainer or a per-project basis is preferred, Dr. Troy's flexible consulting models ensure that organizations receive the support they need, precisely when they need it.

To create a company-specific field engagement that drives lasting change and cultural cohesion, Dr. Troy recommends focusing on three important activities:

  1. Participate in self discovery and observation: Understanding the current dynamics within the organization is the first step towards fostering a culture of cohesion. Dr. Troy and the team conduct thorough empirical observations to gain insights into the existing organizational culture. This invaluable data provides the foundation for tailoring strategies to unique circumstances.
  2. Implement the Cohesion Culture™ Assessment Survey: Dr. Troy's Cohesion Culture™ Assessment Survey is a powerful diagnostic tool designed to measure the health of the organizational culture. By collecting anonymous feedback from employees at all levels, strengths, areas for improvement, and potential sources of tension are identified. This data-driven approach ensures that interventions are precise, addressing the real issues that impact the organization.
  3. The Cohesion Culture™ Engagement Cycle: Once a comprehensive understanding of the organizational culture is achieved, Dr. Troy collaborates to develop a Five-Step Cohesion Culture™ Action Plan. This actionable roadmap is tailored to specific needs and is designed to guide organizations through the process of creating a cohesion-filled culture. Each step is informed by data, ensuring that resources are invested where they will have the most significant impact.

Dr. Troy's best-selling title, Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent serves as a reference guide and learning tool for all consulting and coaching engagements. It encapsulates the insights, strategies, and case studies that have helped numerous leaders transform their organizational cultures into a Best Place to Work and retain their top employees.

What mistakes are hindering your organization's efforts for employee retention?

In a world where attracting and retaining top talent is increasingly challenging, Dr. Troy's expertise empowers leaders to hold onto their best employees while maximizing team potential. Dr. Troy's approach helps organizations avoid the common pitfalls that often derail human resources efforts.

Some of these mistakes that hinder team effectiveness include: lack of strategic alignment, inadequate communication, failure to address workplace diversity and inclusion, inconsistent policies, neglecting employee development, ignoring feedback from employees, overlooking employee well-being, insufficient conflict resolution and much more.

Making the effort to achieve a cohesive corporate culture and excellence when it comes to talent retention can contribute to a more productive, engaged, and satisfied workforce. This kind of cohesive workplace benefits the organization as a whole.

“Make culture a strategy and it will eat something else for lunch.”

This powerful phrase underscores the vital role of organizational culture amidst rapid change and intense competition. To not just survive but thrive, leaders must adopt an out-of-the-box mindset to make culture as important as growth. In doing so, they should initiate a comprehensive list of tactics to infuse their organizational culture with a strategic framework centered around cohesion: belonging, value, and mutual commitment. By doing so, leaders can pinpoint areas for cultural refinement and fortify the bedrock of their organization.

What the data tells us is when it comes to retaining talent, don’t put yourself in a corner or a box thinking people only leave for money.

Building a healthy and cohesive culture is not about the money. It is about the people.

Unlock the potential of your organization by embracing the power of Cohesion Culture™. Contact Dr. Troy today, and embark on a transformative journey toward creating a workplace where everyone feels a sense of belonging, are valued, and shares in mutual commitments. If talent retention and corporate culture are important to you in your organization, let’s make it happen. Together, we can shape a culture that drives success and fosters excellence.

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