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Featured Guest: Trevor Crunelle

31 May 2023

Thank you to our featured guest, Trevor Crunelle, for sharing his thoughts in this week’s newsletter. Trevor is an experienced entrepreneur focused on providing the framework, motivation and accountability that empowers the business owner to drive success and balance life. Trevor is a Growth Coach of the Lowcountry and part of the extended Cohesion Culture™️ strategic alliance network.

Work Is No Laughing Matter

08 May 2023

Forward-thinking leaders, like my strategic alliance colleague, Ben-Jamin Toy, promote the power of gamification in building cohesive teams. For them, laughing at work does matter. Gaming often involves the use of humor and invokes the sounds of laughter in the workplace.

F.A.I.R. Play for Talent

03 May 2023

Will talent shortages persist in 2023? It’s a resounding YES, according to Forbes.

Let’s set the background story.

Effective leaders must move beyond the “Great Resignation” and “Quiet Quitting” to address the challenges presented by today’s labor pool.

Featured Guest: Dr. Keith McNally

19 April 2023

I’m happy to announce a special guest feature for this week’s blog post. Dr. Keith McNally is a leadership coach and published author who has experienced significant personal transformation in his life, which he documents as a narrative in his book, Walking the Path – A Leader’s Journey.


05 April 2023

In my over four decades of leadership, I have found that if you are willing to share your knowledge there is someone willing to learn.

During my time in the Philippines, I met the Queen of Chocolate, Raquel T. Choa. She shared with me the long, rich history of her family’s love of chocolate and how a business was built from the seed of a cacao tree. I learned a very important lesson about how cacao trees are shaped for growth.

Does Your Corporate Culture Excel in Truth, Doing & Simplicity?

22 March 2023

Strengthening the success of a corporate culture is as easy as being honest, modeling exceptional behavior, and a full outright integration of “say and do.” YET, even in its simplest form, building a corporate culture that excels in upstanding moral and ethical values takes work. What I call the “Culture Cyclone” begins when leaders do what they say. Effective leaders of cohesion have a mindset that puts others before self and builds an environment where belonging, value, and commitment are constantly in motion. 

Stop Calling It Work From Home

22 February 2023

Right from the start, my writing on this topic is not about whether a company should or should not offer a remote work option. I have “no dog in the fight.” However, I do care how company’s title the program and how they speak about it, as our words shape our world and give meaning to what we think, say, feel, and do. So, stop calling it work from home.

Hello, My Name is Dr. Troy Hall

08 February 2023

In just one month, more than 2,000 people have subscribed to my LinkedIn newsletter, Cohesion Corner™ with Dr. Troy!. I appreciate your support and thought you’d like to know a little more about me, Dr. Troy Hall, and my work.

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