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Connecting HR and Technology

21 February 2024

How can technology be used to humanize culture?

What role does Artificial Intelligence play in the HR world?

If you have been struggling to answer these questions, you are not alone.

It is not a surprise that technology has changed the landscape of business. From serving as the means to collect and store data to robotics to the ever-emerging Artificial Intelligence (AI), technology dominates the way we interact globally on a digital scale as well as person to person.

In a quick review of the history of technology, today's corporate and societal impact has been undeniably exponential. Researchers present findings to assert that we will not experience 100 years of growth in the 21st century. It will be more like 20,000 years of growth.

How Does Talent F.A.I.R.Play Help Retain Employees?

07 February 2024

Do you offer flexible hours and locations?

Does your team understand their level of autonomy and initiative?

Are your managers making their individual team members feel included?

Have you readied your staff for growth, development, and advancement?

If you answered “no” to one or more of these questions then you aren’t meeting the organizational culture expectations of today’s workforce.

More than likely you may be struggling to keep that talent you spent time and money acquiring and training.

What is the Benefit of Leadership Coaching?

24 January 2024

"When leaders think they know everything, that’s when the trouble starts."

The impact of executive leadership on an organization's success and culture is undeniable. Yet, the challenges faced by executives are more demanding than ever. To ensure organizational prosperity, leaders must consistently evolve, expand their skills, and excel in their roles.

The realm of leadership coaching has emerged as a powerful catalyst for personal and organizational advancement. Studies reveal that 96% of leaders derive value from leadership coaching. This transformative process surpasses conventional leadership development initiatives, providing a personalized and tailored approach to leadership enhancement.

Six Stress-Free Habits Not to Break

10 January 2024

Would you be surprised to know? 80% of Americans indicate that each time the New Year rolls around their anxiety increases due to high-levels of performance expectations, unfinished project work, and too many re-scheduled meetings.

In my co-authored bestselling book, Back After Burnout, according to a report issued by the American Institute of Stress, one in four employees rank work stress as their number one cause of stress.

AND, the Department of Labor determined that two-thirds of workers site stress as very or somewhat significant. What can be done about it?

The Power of One

13 December 2023

Early on, I learned that true leaders act on behalf of others. However, a leader cannot be in a position to serve others until they serve "the one," meaning they see the humanness in an individual before solving anything on a larger scale.

Serving might seem counterintuitive to leadership. You truly are never prepared to serve others until you understand how to serve.

It's imperative to understand this foundational truth of leadership: Genuine leaders advocate for others by initially embracing the individual - 'the one.' This underestimated principle stands as a testament to the profound influence that a singular act of service can wield on the entirety of a collective.

Gratitude is My Attitude

29 November 2023

While traveling in Lisbon, Portugal a few years ago, I happened to take a quick photo of my wife standing on a cobble-stone street filled with shops. After posting it on Facebook, I received a comment that the photo looked like a postcard.

That got me to thinking about how grateful I am to have a life filled with many blessings to include my faith, family, fitness, finances, and foundation (giving). Oftentimes, people tell me that I have a large personality and an over-engaged optimistic view of life.

I make no apologies for having either and proudly claim both. That will especially be funny to those who know me well.

For me, I live my life like a postcard and the inscription reads: Gratitude is My Attitude.

Take a Risk… Develop Your Strengths

15 November 2023

Throughout my life, some stories stand out for their inspiration. The following story, an excerpt from my book Fanny Rules: A Mother’s Leadership Lessons that Never Grow Old, is one of those stories.

Sink, Swim, or Just Tread Water

01 November 2023

“Sinking was never an option.”

In this week’s Cohesion Corner™ with Dr. Troy blog post, I have another excerpt from my book FANNY RULES: A Mother’s Leadership Lessons that Never Grow Old. Make sure to check out the first FANNY RULES blog post called Remember the Dent (click here to read) for the backstory on my mom, aka FANNY, and the teachable moments she imparted on me.

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