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20 March 2024
"Culture is more than just building products and not getting yelled at."

Jason Aten, Tech Columnist for Inc. Magazine, recently wrote about the main issue within Google's culture. His headline catching article is subtitled: "There's nothing more important than culture."

Without even realizing it, the writer is building a strong case for the importance of infusing cohesion into a work culture. Cohesion positively impacts performance and engagement every time. It is a causal phenomenon and a proven method of predicting behavior.

Culture is broken when people do not feel connected to what they are doing, or with whom they are working.

Don’t Box In Workplace Culture

23 August 2023

Make it a strategy

Oftentimes, leaders fail to respond to the periphery until it is in plain sight. For the past several decades, it would be hard to consider “culture” being a sidelined conversation. YET, the attention to changing the toxicity of the work culture has only come into its own in the last several years.

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