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Talent Retention

Don’t Box In Workplace Culture

Make it a strategy

Oftentimes, leaders fail to respond to the periphery until it is in plain sight. For the past several decades, it would be hard to consider “culture” being a sidelined conversation. YET, the attention to changing the toxicity of the work culture has only come into its own in the last several years.

How Does Talent F.A.I.R.Play Help Retain Employees?

Do you offer flexible hours and locations?

Does your team understand their level of autonomy and initiative?

Are your managers making their individual team members feel included?

Have you readied your staff for growth, development, and advancement?

If you answered “no” to one or more of these questions then you aren’t meeting the organizational culture expectations of today’s workforce.

More than likely you may be struggling to keep that talent you spent time and money acquiring and training.

Tackling HR Challenges Through Gamification

Hi! This is Karmen Zabron and I’m the Founder and Chief People Officer at Area of Effect (AoE). As part of the Cohesion Culture™️ team, my role is HR Gamification Strategist.

At AoE, we believe that it’s people that make your company great, and we help HR and organizational leaders create environments where individuals can thrive.

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