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7 Ways Cohesion Combats Disengagement & Burnout

In an era where employee engagement is on a downward spiral, organizations find themselves grappling with the repercussions of disengagement and burnout. Employee engagement has declined two straight years according to a Gallup Research article that surveyed 60,000 people. With less than 50% of U.S. workers considering themselves committed or interested in their work, productivity and creativity are negatively impacted.

Engagement is Out. Cohesion is In.

In current management circles, the term "engagement" is often misused. Many believe that simply focusing on employee engagement will solve issues related to employee retention. However, this misguided approach can actually have the opposite effect.

In this week's Cohesion Corner™ with Dr. Troy! blog post, I will delve into the misconception surrounding employee engagement and propose a more effective alternative.

Tackling HR Challenges Through Gamification

Hi! This is Karmen Zabron and I’m the Founder and Chief People Officer at Area of Effect (AoE). As part of the Cohesion Culture™️ team, my role is HR Gamification Strategist.

At AoE, we believe that it’s people that make your company great, and we help HR and organizational leaders create environments where individuals can thrive.

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