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Featured Guest: Dr. Keith McNally

I’m happy to announce a special guest feature for this week’s blog post. Dr. Keith McNally is a leadership coach and published author who has experienced significant personal transformation in his life, which he documents as a narrative in his book, Walking the Path – A Leader’s Journey.

Dr. McNally’s passion for leadership and his commitment to making a positive impact on the world are evident in his work and his role as the host of the Question Guy Podcast. This podcast delves into the essential aspects of leadership, exploring themes such as social consciousness, personal transformation, and the power of creating meaningful change.

I hope you enjoy this special edition of the blog, and that you find it thought-provoking and engaging. I’m genuinely grateful to have Dr. Keith McNally as our featured guest, and I believe that his wisdom will resonate with all of our readers, inspiring them to embark on their journeys of personal and professional growth. Stay tuned for his valuable contributions, and I hope you enjoy this exciting addition to our blog.

The Seed of Change

Seeds germinate according to their kind. The pepper seed begins its young life in a greenhouse before being transplanted to the field. In contrast, peas and corn spend their entire life in the field. Most seeds contain a food reserve covered within the outer coat. When planted, the moisture from the soil breaks through the coat and begins the germination process. Only when nurtured under favorable conditions, the seed grows.


Some time ago, a young man lived in a small town. He knew most of the people there. And if he didn’t know them by first name, he knew about them. In fact, the people in the village knew each other quite well. They lived comfortably and peacefully. Since the village was surrounded by a mountain range, the people felt safe from the outside world. From generation to generation, life was very much the same.

As a community, the people supported each other through their various trades. Most were farmers or craftsmen. Life was simple. And the people in the village enjoyed the simplicity of their world. Nothing changed . . . and they wanted nothing to change. Parents raised their children to appreciate how things were. No one thought life should be any different.

The young man knew what was expected of him. Yet the seed of change was growing in him. He felt it. As each day passed, he aspired for more. He wanted to do more. He wanted to be different. He wondered what life was like outside the village. With his eighteenth birthday coming soon, he found himself faced with a life changing decision.

Stay or go?

The pivot into something different is risky. The individual that confronts his/her future must do so knowing the possible challenges that await. For many, fear holds them back. Life is easier when it’s safe. However, for those that aspire to lead, being safe means being complacent. For the majority, life is good when it is not challenged.

For this young man, living under the expectations of complacency was the burden of previous generations. It was not for him. But he was ill-equipped to leave the village that held him captive. He was young, strong, and nimble, but he was not worldly. If he was to discover his true self, he would need to cross over the mountains that enclosed the village. To conquer this obstacle, he had to become something more than what he was.

Grow the Seed Within

When the young man knew that he had to leave, he confided in the one person whom he trusted. His mentor was the ground for him to stand upon and see the life that could be. In that space, he gained the strength to mature in the way that was right for him. As a seed needs the right environment to mature, so do people. Mentors create that environment for growth, reflection, and accountability. When he was ready, the young man began his journey of change.

I enjoyed Dr. Keith McNally’s book, Walking the Path: A Leader’s Journey, so much I wrote this review:

Dr. Keith McNally is a master storyteller. He weaves practical application of leadership principles throughout a young man’s journey to break free from the average that binds him.

PLUS, each chapter concludes with an opportunity for thought and reflection. For those who know me, Dr. Keith’s attention to mentoring brings joy to my heart.

True transformation begins putting others before self. Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness.

Click here to purchase the book and learn to break out of the status quo!

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