Transforming Organizations through Talent Retention

Retaining your key talent is a daily battle.


of employees are ACTIVELY searching for a new position


is the cost of a team member's salary to replace them


of engaged talent are less likely to leave your organization

How are you focusing on retaining talent?

Dr. Troy travels the globe transforming organizations from the inside-out. His interactive real talk speaking engagements are designed for impact. Dr. Troy will empower you to take the action necessary for organizational success and help create a culture that guarantees success.

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Talk # 1: Extraordinary Results of a Cohesion Culture™

With nearly 63% of the market actively searching for a new position, companies can no longer afford to settle for mere “job satisfaction.”

Talent retention, not acquisition, is the single greatest challenge for business leaders in this globally competitive landscape. We know now that engagement just simply is not enough. In this high-powered and eye-opening presentation, Dr. Troy discloses how South Carolina Federal Credit Union transformed its everyday environment into a Cohesion Culture™ that has led to national recognition as a "Best Places to Work."

Dr. Troy walks through the proven process for retaining top talent and how it impacts your company culture and bottom line. It’s time to go from “good enough” to developing an environment that fosters belonging, value, and commitment.

Your Audience Will Master:

  • How and why a Cohesion Culture™ leads to extraordinary team performance results.
  • Recognition of the three activities which readily define the existence of a culture of cohesion.
  • Implementation of strategies on how to become a “Best Places to Work."
Talk # 2: Transforming Behavior to Retain Top Talent

Hear Dr. Troy bring to life the four key components of transformative leaders who inspire, influence, and enable others to attain successful outcomes not often achieved through a “transaction” mindset.

Modeling impactful behaviors others want to imitate is a critical aspect of effective leadership. Great leadership creates more leaders.

This presentation delivers a succinct and growth-focused message explaining how Dr. Troy and his colleagues leveraged the impact of core values, beliefs, and attitudes in the development of positive behaviors and received national attention as a "Best Places to Work."

Discover the power of Dr. Troy’s signature message.

Your Audience Will Master:

  • The impact of core values to sustain a Cohesion Culture™.
  • The four components of transformational leadership.
  • An understanding of why transformative behaviors retain talent.
Talk # 3: The Power of Influence Thinking™

What is Influence Thinking?

It is a mindset based on the involvement of outside counsel that can lead to a more positive decision or outcome.

Retaining talent for the future requires a leader mindset powered by Influence Thinking. Through powerful examples that have shown success at South Carolina Federal, Dr. Troy will teach leaders how to utilize Influence Thinking to build more cohesive organizations.

Your Audience Will Discover:

  • The three aspects of Influence Thinking™ and how to implement them in your own business.
  • How to avoid “Garbage Day Thinking” and move to action-oriented achievements.
  • The steps necessary to turn a vision into an achievable goal.
Talk # 4: From Seeds to Trees: How Leaders Retain Talent for the Future

In a culture focused so heavily on growth, why do leaders often make the mistake of giving up on the sapling because it’s not the tree?

In this metaphorically-charged and unforgettable presentation, Dr. Troy shares his global experiences of talent retention and work at South Carolina Federal, explaining how and why leaders should consider developing employees from seeds to trees.

Using segments of the Cohesion Culture™ Talent Retention Model, participants are exposed to the fundamentals of mentoring, organizational internships, and executive coaching.

Your Audience Will Master:

  • Three easy steps to cultivate talent in your own organization
  • The two rules of collaboration and how to implement them.
  • Four activities to immediately reinvigorate a team.
Talk # 5: The Unrecognizable Truths and The Power of One: Connecting Purpose, Passion, and Performance

What do you teach your child when you believe you’re going to die?

Dr. Troy shares his own life-changing story he learned from his mother after her cancer diagnosis at the age of 12.

Our Unrecognizable Truths™ reflect how life experiences, events, and choices shape who we are.

Dr. Troy implements these principles in this heartwarming keynote centered around aligning with a meaningful purpose, engaging your passion, and feeding the progress loop of performance.

Dr. Troy has taken the foundations of these lessons to build South Carolina Federal Credit Union's national reputation as a “Best Places to Work” and believes results are from choices, not circumstances.

Your Audience Will Discover:

  • The greatest lesson of character development from a mom inflicted with a life-threatening disease.
  • Why circumstances are just events.
  • How the choices you make build character.

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