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Dr. Troy has helped organizations realize up to a 50% increase in productivity and creativity from building cohesive teams.


of the global workforce is committed to organizational success


of executives do not have a coach, but want one


of employees deserve to be developed

Connect and customize your services engagement.

Using Dr. Troy's doctoral research in Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship, each field engagement is customized based on your desired outcomes. Consulting engagements are structured on a monthly retainer basis, or on a per-project basis. 

As part of creating a company-specific field engagement, Dr. Troy recommends three important activities: 

  1. Participate in empirical observations
  2. Implement the Cohesion Culture™ Assessment Survey
  3. Follow the Five-Step Cohesion Culture™ Action Plan 

Dr. Troy's best-selling title, Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent serves as a reference guide and learning tool for all consulting engagements. 

Want to learn more about his research-proven Cohesion Culture™ Assessment Survey and the Five-Step Cohesion Culture™ Action Plan? Contact Dr. Troy.

Dr. Troy teaches leaders how to hold on to top employees, and get the most out of their teams, while avoiding the mistakes that derail so many human resources efforts.

Sydney Finkelstein
Professor at the Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, Author of the Bestseller Superbosses, and Host of TheSydCast Podcast

Go beyond sticky notes on flip charts and build a comprehensive strategic plan from the ground up.

Dr. Troy facilitates, as well as provides guidance and direction, that takes senior leadership and boards of directors through a proven strategic planning process and produces a completed, comprehensive business plan.

Dr. Troy's approach incorporates tools such as a political, economic, social, and technology (P.E.S.T) analysis, scenario planning and mapping worksheets, balanced scorecard basics, Porter's Three Generic Marketing Strategies, along with a comprehensive project portfolio tracking system.

Most engagement activities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Written strategic planning process plan.
  2. Pre-planning calls and workshops to finalize deliverables.
  3. On-site facilitation with the Board of Directors and key leadership to establish congruency of goals and consensus of the next steps.

Engage with Dr. Troy to facilitate your next planning session or utilize his proven strategic planning process.

Dr. Troy Hall is a tactical strategist and thoughtful advisor. He always brings a fresh and honest perspective, invigorates an operation, and drives attention toward critical near-term actions that promote long-term success.

Alexandru Junco

96% of leaders find value in executive coaching.

Through his highly successful Accountability Coaching for Transformation (ACT) program, Dr. Troy has logged thousands of hours coaching executives to achieve their designed dreams, aspirations, and goals. His clients include senior and mid-level executives of the financial services, insurance, healthcare, automotive, legal, and manufacturing industries throughout the United States and beyond

Organizations realize 6 times the return on investment (ROI).

Executive Coaching Benefits:

  1. Increased productivity
  2. Growth in revenue & sales
  3. Higher level of confidence
  4. Improved communication skills
  5. Stronger peer-to-peer relationships
  6. Enhanced talent retention

Only 1/3 of executives leverage the power of coaching for themselves or their staff.

Contact Dr. Troy and begin to transform your mind in the areas of personal branding, culture and leadership, corporate achievement, and self-actualization.

Dr. Troy is an amazing asset to our credit union. The results of his influences to make us a more cohesive team were recognized immediately. Dr. Troy's approach to coaching is customized to my team's individual needs. He is not just another out-of-the-box coach.

Diane Abbonizio
CEO, United Bay Community CU

60% of leaders with action plans succeed.

Leader Action Plan (LAP) offers a comprehensive, high-level plan of action to reinforce effective leader behaviors and performance. LAPs are built from organizational core values, beliefs and attitudes.

They are not development plans, plans for improvement, or suggested pathways for promotion.

LAPs focus on those behaviors the leader wants to:

  1. Avoid or stop doing all together
  2. Be mindful of what to do
  3. Continue doing

Dr. Troy has completed more than 100 Leader Action Plans for client organizations in the United States and beyond.

Dr. Troy gave me the confidence, space, and support to make my work-dream a reality. I would highly recommend Dr. Troy for anyone who is struggling with where to go in your career, or how best to make an impact in the world."

Kaity Miller
Program Director at SC Code

I would not be where I am in my career if it weren't for the tremendous advice of Dr. Troy. My career will always carry his fingerprints on them.

Paul Narcisse
Fraud Risk Strategist, at RBC Bank

63% of all employees are looking for advancement, growth opportunities and personal development.

Leaders who invest in their employees through training and personal development are more likely to have fulfilled employees who love where they work.

87% of individuals who love where they work are more likely to stay.

Cohesion Culture™ Camp is an online "Do It Yourself" or Instructor-led leadership learning experience.

A leadership development program that helps leaders build a customized Cohesion Culture™ where employees have a sense of belonging, are valued, and share in mutual commitments.

With over 45 years of team building experience between Dr. Troy and his strategic alliance colleague, Ben-Jamin Toy, they combine knowledge-based practical leadership principles with interactive, hands-on activities for a one-of-a kind experience.

To go forward with a Cohesion Culture™ Camp, leadership workshop and/or a teambuilding program, let's get started now.

Retention is the new competitive advantage, and Cohesion Culture™ will help you and your company gain that advantage.

William Vanderbloemen
Author of Culture Wars

Dr. Troy helps executive leaders inspire a cohesive spirit within their organizations by aligning individual achievement with organizational success. Through purposeful engagements, Dr. Troy helps advance conversations, identify actionable items, and produce revenue-driven outcomes in the areas of culture and leadership, strategy, and change. Get started today, there’s no obligation to learn more.

Curt Mercadante, founder Freedom Media Network, interviews Dr. Troy Hall.