Actionable tips and techniques to retain your top talent

Learn why engagement is out and cohesion is in

A lifetime of principles presented in nine lessons

Cohesion Culture


Page reference of Cohesion Culture™ Talent Retention Model that can be put into action today.

Mission Matters


Top ways to ensure the success of a Cohesion Culture™.

Fanny Rules


Teachable Moments for bringing mentoring lessons to life.

Did you know that 63% of employees are actively searching for a new position? In today's war for talent, the focus should be on talent retention, not just talent attraction. C-Suite Executives, Company Founders, and Sr. HR Leaders need to develop an organizational culture where employees WANT to belong. Dr. Troy Hall helps you create a "Best Places To Work" environment, where your employees love to work, and stay to work. Get strategies that immediately actionable.

Dr. Troy shares what went into this book, and what you’ll get out of it, including ways to build a “Best Places to Work.”

Read and learn about:

• The #1 mistake leaders make regarding talent retention
• How Cohesion Culture™ helps retain top talent
• Incorporating the renowned Talent Retention Model™
• Steps to become a “Best Places to Work”

Dr. Troy walks through the proven process for retaining top talent and how it impacts your company culture and bottom line. It’s time to go from “good enough” to developing an environment that fosters belonging, value, and commitment.

Retention is the new competitive advantage, and Cohesion Culture™ will help you and your company gain that advantage.

William Vanderbloemen
Author, of Culture Wars

Dr. Troy teaches leaders how to hold on to top employees and get the most out of their teams while avoiding the mistakes that derail so many HR efforts.

Sydney Finkelstein
Professor, Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth College, Author of the bestseller, Superbosses

Dr. Troy teaches us that for organizations to survive and thrive, they must create company cultures that adopt mindsets of belonging, value and commitment.

Alden Mills
CEO, Entrepreneur, CXO Advisor, Navy SEAL and author of Be Unstoppable and Unstoppable Teams

Every enterprise needs leadership and great leaders are formed through both success and failure. Are you and your organization positioned properly for this new age of leadership?

Adam Torres and Dr. Troy Hall are here to help you move forward. In their latest edition of Mission Matters (Business Leaders Edition Volume 4), eighteen top professionals share their lessons on leadership.

Take a peek into Mission Matters with Dr. Troy and Adam Torres, and hear about the causal phenomena that reveals three successful elements of cohesion.

Readers Discover World-leading Stories and Tips:

• Why cohesion is more important than engagement in an organization
• How patient care and technology meet in the medical field
• How digital transformation is imperative for companies
• What creating your dream retirement looks like
• How to create a result-driven culture in your company
• How to pivot your marketing to survive crisis situations
• And much more!

Dr. Troy Hall is a tactical strategist and thoughtful advisor. He always brings a fresh and honest perspective, invigorates an operation, and drives attention toward critical near-term actions that promote long-term success.

Alexandru Juncu
Founder and Business Attorney, Law Firm of Alexandru Juncu

Dr. Troy does an incredible job of offering up challenges that cause the listener [reader] to step back and consider their contribution to any scenario – be it personal or professional.

Christian Bichler, MBA
Strategy, Operations, Transformation, and Innovation Professional, Allied Solutions, LLC

Dr. Troy Hall has inspired many companies through his vision for cohesion in the workplace. He is a true leader who not only teaches through books and consulting, but he walks the walk.

Akira Pugh
Carolinas Credit Union League State Protégé 2015, Manager, REV FCU

I have personally seen the effects of Dr. Troy's work, which emanates from his ability to teach practical approaches anyone can use.

Dr. Michael Gilbert
Servant Leader, Consultant, and Coach

Bedside Wisdom
What is the most important life lesson to pass on when faced with our own mortality? What leadership attributes do you want to leave behind for your children? Fanny Rules is the lifetime of principles broken down into nine lessons passed on to a twelve-year-old boy from his mother’s bedside. Affectionately nicknamed by his peers and colleagues, Dr. Troy grew up to be an international speaker, author, consultant, and executive coach in the areas of culture & leadership, strategy, and change.

Common Sense Life View
Dr. Troy shares his memories of his late mother, Fanny, and her remarkable common-sense life view. Her teachable moments became the foundation of his revered leadership teachings around the world. This practical leadership book is a guide for mentors combining teachable moments and mentoring instructions to promote self-development. It’s the ideal wisdom needed to build cohesive teams that perform and engage.

Backyard Superheroes
A collection of leadership lessons cloaked in heartwarming and hilarious stories behind the making of leaders from backyard superheroes to effective corporate executives. Fanny Rules is the must-have read for purpose-driven leaders who are ready to embrace the lessons that will accelerate their personal and professional success.

As Fanny passed these valuable leadership lessons on to her son, you can do the same for the next generation of leaders. Join Dr. Troy as he shares the stories and lessons that can be told in the backyard or the boardroom.

"A must-read for purpose-driven leaders and a refreshing breakaway from the traditional business book."

NY Times Bestselling Author of Three Little Words

“Dr. Troy brings meaning to triumph, happiness and love—honoring his wonderful mother by passing on her wisdom for generations of leaders to come.”

Bestselling Author, EMMY® Award-winner & Actor

“I loved reading the book because of its true-to-life application of the skills we need as a leader. I love the ninth rule–‘Finding Yourself.’”

Chief Executive Officer, Association of Asian Confederation of Credit Unions