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Actionable tips and techniques to retain your top talent

Prevent stress and burnout with proven cohesion principles

A lifetime of principles presented in nine lessons

Cohesion Culture


Page reference of Cohesion Culture™ Talent Retention Model that can be put into action today.

Back After Burnout


Effective ways cohesion can prevent or reduce stress in the workplace.

Fanny Rules


Teachable Moments for bringing mentoring lessons to life.

Cohesion Culture — How to retain your top talent

Did you know that 63% of employees are actively searching for a new position? In today's war for talent, the focus should be on talent retention, not just talent attraction. C-Suite Executives, Company Founders, and Sr. HR Leaders need to develop an organizational culture where employees WANT to belong. Dr. Troy Hall helps you create a "Best Places To Work" environment, where your employees love to work, and stay to work. Get strategies that immediately actionable.

Read and learn about:

• The #1 mistake leaders make regarding talent retention
• How Cohesion Culture™ helps retain top talent
• Incorporating the renowned Talent Retention Model™
• Steps to become a “Best Places to Work”

Dr. Troy walks through the proven process for retaining top talent and how it impacts your company culture and bottom line. It’s time to go from “good enough” to developing an environment that fosters belonging, value, and commitment.

Dr. Troy teaches us that for organizations to survive and thrive, they must create company cultures that adopt mindsets of belonging, value and commitment.
Alden Mills
CEO, Entrepreneur, CXO Advisor, Navy SEAL and author of Be Unstoppable and Unstoppable Teams

Back After Burnout — Cohesion combats work stress

Are you stuck on a hamster wheel, working in a career you don’t love, or grinding away at a business that brings no joy or purpose to your life?

Author Dennis Consorte and co-author, Dr. Troy Hall presents the MASHPLAY™ framework for burnout recovery and 7 ways cohesion combats or prevents stress and burnout in the workplace.

Learn how to recover from burnout.

  1. 33 chapters in 5 sections to understand the problem, reprogram your mind, build better habits, refresh your career, and reset your mindset
  2. 27 workbook exercises to practice new skills, determine your purpose, and come back stronger
  3. Links to more free tools

Together with Dennis Consorte’s unique stories, workbook lessons and the MASHPLAY™ framework for burnout recovery, three leadership experts in addition to Dr. Troy Hall share their powerful advice in bonus chapters throughout the book.

Dr. Mark Goulston, MD Co-Founder, Deep Coaching Institute, Marshall Goldsmith 100 Coaches member, former UCLA professor of psychiatry for over 25 years, and FBI and police hostage negotiation trainer. Author or co-author of nine books including international best-seller, Just Listen.

Kevin Hogan, PsyD Keynote speaker, corporate trainer and instructor on body language, influence, and motivation. Author of 25 books including international best-seller, The Psychology of Persuasion: How to Persuade Others to Your Way of Thinking.

Larry Sharpe Managing Director of the Neo-Sage® Group, Inc., host of The Sharpe Way Show. Trained and coached hundreds of international entrepreneurs, executives, and others. US Marine for over six years, gubernatorial candidate, and interim senior executive for Fortune 500 and other companies.

MASHPLAY™ is a mash-up of time-tested tools, and new ideas to help you rediscover joy and purpose in your professional life. Reinvigorate your ownership mindset, whether you work for someone else or are ready to launch (or re-launch) your next great business. Through the art of storytelling, instructional design, and powerful workbook exercises, Dennis Consorte helps you to rebuild your life after burnout. You will focus on eight areas of success:

  1. (M) Mindset: How to develop an ownership mindset, know yourself, and align your actions with your values.
  2. (A) Acceptance: How to acknowledge that you are in a state of burnout, that you are an imperfect human being, and that it will take work to once again welcome happiness and growth into your life.
  3. (S) Symptoms: How to get better at identifying the symptoms of burnout in yourself, and in others as you develop yourself into a better leader.
  4. (H) Habits: How to build healthy habits into your routine, to make incremental progress on burnout recovery every day.
  5. (P) Purpose: How to make your career or business feel purposeful so that it no longer feels like work, but a calling in life that you are passionate about.
  6. (L) Leadership: How to build yourself up and see yourself as the kind of leader that people want to support, to help others find meaning in their work, too.
  7. (A) Accountability: How to hold yourself and others accountable, so that you continue to put the work into reclaiming a joyful life of abundance.
  8. (Y) Yourself: How to take care of yourself first, and be in a position to lift others up as you recover, in a sustainable and healthy way.

Fanny Rules — 31 Teachable moments in 9 lessons

Bedside Wisdom

What is the most important life lesson to pass on when faced with our own mortality? What leadership attributes do you want to leave behind for your children? Fanny Rules is the lifetime of principles broken down into nine lessons passed on to a twelve-year-old boy from his mother’s bedside. Affectionately nicknamed by his peers and colleagues, Dr. Troy grew up to be an international speaker, author, consultant, and executive coach in the areas of culture & leadership, strategy, and change.

Common Sense Life View
Dr. Troy shares his memories of his late mother, Fanny, and her remarkable common-sense life view. Her teachable moments became the foundation of his revered leadership teachings around the world. This practical leadership book is a guide for mentors combining teachable moments and mentoring instructions to promote self-development. It’s the ideal wisdom needed to build cohesive teams that perform and engage.

Backyard Superheroes
A collection of leadership lessons cloaked in heartwarming and hilarious stories behind the making of leaders from backyard superheroes to effective corporate executives. Fanny Rules is the must-have read for purpose-driven leaders who are ready to embrace the lessons that will accelerate their personal and professional success.

As Fanny passed these valuable leadership lessons on to her son, you can do the same for the next generation of leaders. Join Dr. Troy as he shares the stories and lessons that can be told in the backyard or the boardroom.

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