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Hello, My Name is Dr. Troy Hall

In just one month, more than 2,000 people have subscribed to my LinkedIn newsletter, Cohesion Corner™ with Dr. Troy!. I appreciate your support and thought you’d like to know a little more about me, Dr. Troy Hall, and my work.

“Connection before Content.”

About Dr. Troy Hall

As an author, international speaker, and talent retention expert, I love my role guiding leaders to retain their top talent by infusing cohesion into their cultures. This process creates safe workspaces where people have a sense of belonging, are valued, and share in mutual commitments. Throughout my career, I have had the privilege to influence the work of hundreds of leaders from all over the world based on my bestselling title, Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent.

My Ph.D dissertation in Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship was on group dynamics with an emphasis on cohesion. It was important that my degree wasn’t just academic, so I married it with the practical experience gained from traveling the world to create the trademarked Cohesion Culture program and joining forces with another world traveler, Ben-jamin Toy.

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What is Dr. Troy Hall’s teaching style?

Simply put, I am a metaphorical teacher who uses examples and parables to illustrate ideas and concepts. The many stories and examples of leadership shared in my keynotes, workshops, and coaching sessions are a collection of teachings from mom, aka FANNY, and some of my most trusted mentors. FANNY taught me that my character would always be defined by choices, not the circumstances. I may not have any control over a circumstance, but I do over how I react to it.

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Meet Mom aka Fanny

Built on a strong work ethic, mom encouraged me to be the best at whatever I did. She didn’t care if I swept floors for a living, just do it to my best. FANNY said, “Anyone can sweep in the middle of the floor. The real talent is getting into the corners.”

“Mediocre settles to the bottom then complains about the view.”

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This quote is a direct result of her message about excellence in what you say and do. There was no room for being mediocre around her. In fact, FANNY believed every experience offered an opportunity to learn. When something didn’t go right for me and I became a pity party, she would peer over her glasses and give that look, “It’s not the successes or failures that will shape your life, it’s how you handle them.”

What are some books that influence Dr. Troy Hall’s thinking?

I like to focus on books that provide fables or fictitious characters to make a point. Patrick Lencioni’s work has been very helpful, especially these books: “The Five Dysfunctions of a Team, The Ideal Team Player, and Silos, Politics, and Turf Wars.” Additionally, I have used the writings in my work from Spenser Johnson MD “Who Moved My Cheese,” Ken Blanchard’s “Servant Leadership Action,” John Kotter and Holger Rathgeber’s book “Our Iceberg is Melting,” and Bob Burg and John David Man’s “Go Giver” and “Go Giver Leader.”

How does Dr. Troy Hall offer advice during coaching?

First and foremost, my role in coaching is to bring forth my client’s best self. I’m not the “all-knowing Oz” or the great fortune teller, Zoltar. Instead, I lead clients through self-discovery to achieve their goals, dreams, and aspirations. We go deep in discussion for our greatest growth comes from those moments of stretch and being a little uncomfortable.

During the coaching sessions, we refer to a simple metaphor of clothing to allow us the freedom to work quickly and efficiently together. It goes something like this. Do you try on clothes before you buy them? On some occasions, does someone go with you, or do you get handed clothing from a sales associate? Up to this point, the participant will generally say “yes” to try on, and sometimes someone will help them. Or, I buy them and try on before wearing them.

Then I ask, “What do you do when you do not want to buy the clothes or you don’t like the them?” Most will say, I return them, put them back, or leave them in the dressing room. “Good,” Then it’s safe to say you don’t stomp up and down on the clothes or hate the person who gave them to you.

That usually gets a laugh.

Because that is exactly how my coaching works. I will give you clothing to try on. If you like it, wear it. If not, put it down, return it, and let’s go on. However, under some circumstances, I may give it back to you to try on one more time, just for good measure.”

What would Dr. Troy Hall’s superpower be?

My superpower would be TEACHABILITY, and it would allow me to bring people together to enhance communication, establish collaborative working arrangements, stimulate creating thinking, and resolve conflict.

I would wear a leadership V.E.S.T. (cape is optional) that gives me the power to have the vision and teach it, control my emotions and the emotions of those around me, be a good social architect, and create a trusted and safe environment. Be eager to learn and consume as much knowledge as possible, show compassion, extend grace, seek the truth, practice humility, have purity of heart, and be a peace-maker.

What are Dr. Troy Hall’s plans for the future?

This year my plan includes writing, training, and supporting others to fulfill their dreams, goals, and aspirations.

I intend to continue improving with collaboration of trusted strategic alliances. Looking for new opportunities that have a mutual benefit of extending what is offered by both entities.

In March 2023, the first Cohesion Culture™️ Conference is being launched in collaboration with my strategic alliance colleague, Ben-Jamin Toy and the leadership of the Palmetto SHRM association in Charleston SC.

This conference is like no other. There are no trust falls, rope courses, or death by PowerPoint. Instead participants will engage in experiential learning activities that focus on communication, collaboration, conflict resolution, and creative thinking. They will be challenged to go deep and commit to new leadership habits they can put in place immediately.

The efforts to make the workplace a safe place for employees so they feel included, experience meaningful work, and collaborate to achieve desired outcomes is a work-in-progress.

Until the next time, please know that I’m in your corner. Thank you for being in mine.

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