How Leaders Achieve Greatness In Others

Often times young professionals ask me for leadership advice on how to succeed. People who promote cohesive environments develop a deep sense of belonging with team members aspire value by aligning the members’ purpose and passion and encourage success through personal and professional commitments. 

My advice for leader success is simple:

  • Be teachable, humble and compassionate with a willingness to extend grace for no other reason than you say so. 
  • Seek truth from good, reliable sources such as the voices of trusted advisors and counselors and grounded research data. Seek purity of heart and make decisions for the good of many and not selfish desires. 
  • Strive to make peace in all you do. Invite others to a place of common ground and common promises. 

Why This Advice Is Important

These actions promote greatness for the betterment of the one and the many. When people are in a mindset to “be, seek, and strive” for positive results, they support healthy individual and group relations and demonstrate transformative principles to bring forth success. 

Contrary to this, some leaders are task-driven and give too much attention to the transaction. Their focus is on the doing, not on the doers. In a Cohesion Culture, the ideal leader focuses on others with the integration of the task. These transformative, cohesion leaders aspire vision and spend time teaching it. 

Leadership Is Intentional

Leadership is the ability to motivate, influence, and enable others to achieve success. Intentional actions of these leaders engage in activities that stimulate, mold thinking, and provide resources to bring about positive results in and with others. 

Rigor, Discipline & Practice

The intentionality of thought and action does not occur accidentally. Instead, it happens through purpose-driven behaviors. It also requires the rigorous process of training oneself to think and act for others first. Effective leaders practice self-regard and are aware of their actions. 

As a young professional, seasoned leader, community servant, or family member, there are many opportunities to “be, seek, and strive.” Create a positive environment where people want to be, where they can seek and find value and will strive to help everyone become successful.

How is your organization developing leaders? Please share your favorite stories with us in the comments.