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"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." - African Proverb

Dr. Troy helps executive leaders inspire a cohesive spirit within their organizations by aligning individual achievement with organizational success. Through purposeful engagements, Dr. Troy helps advance conversations, identify actionable items, and produce revenue-driven outcomes in the areas of culture and leadership, strategy, and change.

Curt Mercadante, founder Freedom Media Network, interviews Dr. Troy Hall.

Connect and customize your consulting engagement.


Using Dr. Troy's doctoral research in Global Leadership and Entrepreneurship, each field engagement is customized based on your desired outcomes. Consulting engagements are structured on a monthly retainer basis, or on a per-project basis. 

As part of creating a company-specific field engagement, Dr. Troy recommends three important activities: 

  1. Participate in empirical observations
  2. Implement the Cohesion Culture™ Assessment Survey
  3. Follow the Five-Step Cohesion Culture™ Action Plan 

Dr. Troy's book, Cohesion Culture: Proven Principles to Retain Your Top Talent serves as a reference guide and learning tool for all consulting engagements. 

Want to learn more about his research-proven Cohesion Culture™ Assessment Survey and the Five-Step Cohesion Culture™ Action Plan? Contact Dr. Troy.


Go beyond sticky notes on flip charts and build a comprehensive strategic plan from the ground up.

Dr. Troy facilitates, as well as provides guidance and direction, that takes senior leadership and boards of directors through a proven strategic planning process and produces a completed, comprehensive business plan.

Dr. Troy's approach incorporates tools such as a political, economic, social, and technology (P.E.S.T) analysis, scenario planning and mapping worksheets, balanced scorecard basics, Porter's Three Generic Marketing Strategies, along with a comprehensive project portfolio tracking system.

Most engagement activities include, but are not limited to:

  1. Written strategic planning process plan.
  2. Pre-planning calls and workshops to finalize deliverables.
  3. On-site facilitation with the Board of Directors and key leadership to establish congruency of goals and consensus of the next steps.

Engage with Dr. Troy to facilitate your next planning session or utilize his proven strategic planning process.


This is an executive accountability engagement designed to transform leaders in the areas of personal branding, culture and leadership, corporate achievement, and self-actualization. As the ACT Coach, Dr. Troy, helps refine and engage the leader’s personal brand through critical dialogue to bring about his or her best self. 

During the initial engagement (12 one-hour sessions), Dr. Troy serves as a grounding board for C-suite executives and high-potential leaders. One executive quipped, "I appreciate that Dr. Troy tells me what I need to hear, not what I want him to say."  

Contact Dr. Troy for a list of topics that are designed to coach executives up, not out.


Dr. Troy believes that leaders and employees must embody the concepts of learning, putting their knowledge into action instead of hoarding information. His mantra "You don't have to know everything, you just need to be teachable" resonates with his workshops for culture and leadership, strategy, and change. Two of the most requested workshops are described below.

Culture & Leadership Classroom Course:

In this course conducted within North America, Europe and Asia, Dr. Troy teaches how to bring to life a Cohesion Culture™ within your organization in this lively, two- to four-hour workshop. Mid-level and senior leaders of all cultures and backgrounds discover the power of transformative principles and how to motivate, influence, and enable others to attain successful outcomes not often achieved through a “transaction” mindset. This workshop teaches the importance of "being the leader" and how the impact of core values, beliefs, and attitudes in the development of positive behaviors set the culture in place.

Classroom Participants: 12 to 30 individuals

Online Option: 6 – 10 individuals

Strategic Planning & Mapping Classroom Course:

Through critical conversations and discourse, mid-level and senior leaders explore the real-life impact of company-specific trends that reflect the organization's political, economic, social, and technology factors of influence. This two- to four-hour session involves instruction and lecture followed by classroom group and individual work.

Participants: 12 to 30 individuals


On Purpose Team Building (OPTB) and Dr. Troy Hall are known around the world for advancing organizations from conceptualization into actualization. Our strategic alliance has progressed company leaders and their teams from knowing what needs to be done to taking the necessary action. These organizations are now thriving with a culture that integrates belonging, value and mutual commitment to drive performance and engagement.

During a Cohesion Culture™ Camp, leadership workshops and teambuilding programs with hands-on, interactive-learning activities, our faculty takes complex development concepts and breaks them down into bite-sized engaging activities. The activities include both high and low impact activities.

These customized offerings are based on your organization's desired outcomes. Our programs break down existing mind blocks to build a fresh, solid foundation that mentally prepares employees to excel in their roles.

To go forward with a Cohesion Culture™ Camp, leadership workshop and/or a teambuilding program, let's get started now.

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Multibillion-dollar organizations trust Dr. Troy to come in and move their teams to action. If you are serious about bringing in an expert who will ignite change and provide the building blocks of a Cohesion Culture™ that transforms your organization and bottom line, get started below.

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