Month: March 2019

Employee Engagement is Not Enough: Three Simple Ways to Gut Check for Cohesion

Most HR publications and educational conference agendas are packed with commentary about the importance of employee engagement. The disconnect is when organizational leaders think engagement is simply a form of ...

#006: Faith Knows No Cultural Boundaries with Konstantin Comeros

During this episode, guest Konstantin Comeros, Area Director for VICTO National in the Philippines, shares how his faith is integrated into his personal and professional life. 

Talent Retention: The Numbers Don’t Lie

Talent Retention efforts can rapidly have the most impact on a company’s bottom line, and leadership is finally recognizing that retention efforts begin even before an employee is formally hired. ...

Calling Off the Engagement: Why Engagement Is Out and Cohesion Is In

“Engagement” is the most commonly misused term in current management circles.  More often, unsuspecting organizational leaders do not even know this is happening. Unfortunately, a myopic focus on engagement as ...

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